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  • "I cannot live without the Quanta!"
    Carol Lavery Physical Sciences Educator Somerset West Private School
  • "Jy het niks meer as hierdie boeke nodig om 'n onderskeiding te kry nie!""
    Elmo Pretorius
    94% vir Natuur- en Skeikunde en 13e op die Wes-Kaap merietelys vir die Senior Sertifikaat 2000.
  • "I must congratulate you on these books. I attribute my successes in, not only obtaining 100% pass rate for the last few years, but also having my grade 12 students obtaining excellent grades. My students' average marks are well above the regional and national average and I am sure that this comes from our working through the problems in your book."
    Neil Sparrow Physical Sciences Educator
  • "Die Kwanta boeke het het 'n baie groot rol gespeel in my sukses in Skeinat. Hulle maklike gebruik, omvattende notas en goed geordende vrae, maak studie vir die eksamen 'n plesier. 'n Moet vir elke matriekleerling." "
    Linsen Loots
    96% vir Natuur- en Skeikunde en 9e op die Wes-Kaap merietelys vir die Senior Sertifikaat 2003
  • A wonderful tool in the hands of a learner striving for excellence"
    Regina van Zyl Subject Head Physical Sciences - Rhenish Girls' High School Stellenbosch
  • "Hierdie boeke het my gehelp om my Natuur- en Skeikunde punt met twee simbole te verbeter. Dit het my 'n baie beter insig gegee in hoe vrae gevra word, hoe dit ge?nterpreteer moet word en hoe om dit die beste te beantwoord. Sonder hierdie boeke sou ek baie gesukkel het."
    Timothy Aggett
    A+ vir Natuur- en Skeikunde, Ho?rskool Parel Vallei.
  • "These books are the best thing after chocolate!"
    Chris Rohwer 97% for Physical Science and 12th on Western Cape Merit list for National Exam 2004.
  • "Hierdie boeke is die beste ding naas sjokolade!"
    Chris Rohwer
    97% vir Natuur- en Skeikunde en 12e op die Wes-Kaap merietelys vir die Senior Sertifikaat 2004
  • "The Quanta books were very influential in my success in Science. Their ease of use, comprehensive notes and well-assembled questions make studying for exams a pleasure. A must have for any matric pupil."
    Linsen Loots 96% for Physical Science and 9th on Western Cape merit list for National Exam 2003.
  • "The notes and summaries, being both thorough and to the point, have been invaluable to me. Using the wide selection of classified questions as homework every day, prepares the students to handle any test or exam. A considerable amount of learners have obtained excellent results due to using this book."
    Ilda Antunes Physical Science Educator
  • "These books helped me improve my Physical Science mark by two symbols. They gave me a much better understanding of how questions are asked, how they should be interpreted and how to best answer them. Without them I would have struggled."
    TimothyAggett (A+ for Physical Science), Parel Vallei High School
  • "You need nothing more than these books to obtain a distinction!"
    ElmoPretorius 94% for Physical Science and 13th on Western Cape merit list for Senior Certificate Examination 2000.