It addresses three extremely important aspects that are often overlooked in learning Physical Sciences:

  • Physical Sciences is a SKILL, rather than knowledge, which requires a lot of practising.
    Any skill, like driving a motorcar, playing the piano or playing tennis, etc., can only be obtained by practising - the more you practise, the better you get - practise makes perfect! For this reason the Quanta contains more than enough questions, mainly from National Exam papers from 1990 to 2012 as well as examples from the Department of Education. The more difficult topics contain more questions - e.g. the "quantum" on the equilibrium constant only, contains more than 100 questions!
  • Targets both right and left brain
    A huge number of students are right brain students who either get bored in Science class or who battle to understand the abstract concepts. The DVD's which accompany the grade 11 and 12 books contain cartoons, animations and demonstrations, which enable the right brain students to visualize difficult and abstract concepts. The Quanta therefore makes use of both the right and the left brain.
  • Divided in small, digestible, bite-sized "quanta" - crisp explanations
    Some students choke if a large amount of work is done. The Quanta is divided into small, digestible, bite-sized "quanta" - each "quantum" contains a crisp and to the point summary of a specific topic, enriched with hints, followed by an exercise containing a large number of relevant questions. The only way in which you master a skill, is by taking a small step at a time and practicing it enough and on a regular basis.
  • Step-by-step answers
    Step-by-step answers to all the questions in the memorandum in the back of the book. Even the answers to multiple choice questions are fully explained.

"These books helped me improve my Phyical Sciences mark by two symbols. They gave me a better understanding of how questions are asked, how they should be interpreted and how best to answer them."

"A wonderful tool in the hands of a learner striving for excellence"

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  • Grade 10 - English
  • Grade 11 - English
  • Grade 12 - English
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Author: Miemie Pretorius